Food Stations

artisan cheese & charcuterie

local artisan cheeses, house-cured meats,

duck liver mousse, marinated olives, caperberries, dried fruit, marcona almonds, figFOOD condiments, whole grain mustard, Rustic Bakery flatbread crackers

chips & dips

tortilla chips, Rustic Bakery flatbread, crudité
served with guacamole, pico de gallo, artichoke dip, pimento cheese dip, hummus

coppa cotto, roasted baby potatoes, cornichons, endives, baguette

mac & cheese
traditional, truffle shavings or lobster


traditional with shellfish & chorizo or vegetarian

french fry bar
select three toppings
truffle oil, chili oil, bacon crumbles, 

parmesan, blue cheese crumbles
select two dips

ketchup, aioli, mustard, blue cheese vinaigrette, 

bbq sauce

poke bar

assembled poke, served with rice, seaweed, condiments
ahi poke and poached shrimp
onion, scallions, radish sprouts, shredded nori, cucumber, soy vinaigrette

raw bar - MP

customized options:

local oysters, chilled shrimp, king crab,

stone crab claws 

on a bed of shaved ice with seaweed, lemons, cocktail sauce, tabasco sauce & mignonette

taco bar
lime grilled chicken, cedar plank salmon or carnitas
includes: black beans, cilantro rice, salsa verde, cotija cheese, guacamole, tortillas, pickled vegetables

vertical rotisserie
traditional shawarma

beef, lamb or chicken
served with tzatziki, salsa verde, grilled flatbread, pickled red onion, feta cheese


rotisserie / la caja china
whole roasted chicken, pork shoulder or
whole roasted pig

customized sides available

wood-fired pizza

**pizza oven required

mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil, parmigiano

red no. 1

tomato sauce, fennel sausage, oregano, olives, quattro formaggio, chili flakes

red no. 2

sauce, house-made salume, arugula, mozzarella, pecorino


quattro formaggio, broccoli rabe, onions, fennel, chili oil


quattro formaggio, mushrooms, chili flakes, garlic


fresh figs, prosciutto, gorgonzola dolce, red onions


goat cheese, leeks, scallions, bacon